Celina Chien is a photojournalist focusing on wildlife conservation; sharing stories of natural beauty and environmental issues to provoke change.

Her photography has taken her to Madagascar, Indonesia, Ecuador and Southern Africa documenting endangered biodiversity in ever-shrinking habitats. Her experience as a conservationist includes working for Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative in Belize, the #SaveTheLeuser Campaign of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme and the Rainforest Action Network, as well as PETA’s Captive Animal Law Enforcement team in Los Angeles.

In January 2018, Celina was appointed as the youngest member of Panthera’s Conservation Council; a global advisory board providing Panthera with actionable advice fundamental to the growth and development of the organisation.

On Instagram, she is a contributor to Everyday Extinction (@everydayextinction), a collaborative, multidisciplinary awareness campaign highlighting the 6th mass extinction and biodiversity crisis.

Celina graduated from Institut Le Rosey in 2016 and is currently studying for a BSc in Biological Sciences at Imperial College London.